The Lip Balm Files: Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Colour Replenish Lip Balm

~ This series consists, unsurprisingly, of product reviews of lip balms, masks and treatments. None of these posts are sponsored. ~

There was a time when lip balms were of little interest to me; I’d own a couple for use in winter and never paid more than the price of a Body Shop Born Lippy Balm in Strawberry (I appreciated the stick version but, as tends to happen when I find a favourite at Body Shop, it was discontinued). Since disability has altered the shape and nature of my days, my lipstick obsession has morphed into a lip balm one and over time I’ve become willing to spend as much on a excellent balm as I would on, for example, a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick.

The Pure Colour Envy Colour Replenish Balm is one such higher end lip balm (WHY did Estée Lauder feel the need to give it such a long name?!). When buying an expensive balm for the first time, I generally look out for the gift sets that appear everywhere in the run up to Christmas. Holiday sets often include balms and other lip products in a set or trio that is cheaper than buying separately and/or includes travel size products that are ideal for test driving before making a full size purchase. This balm was part of a duo gift set that also included the Volumizer from the Pure Colour Envy range. The duo was priced at a tolerable £25; a good deal as £25 is the RRP for an individual unit of the balm or Volumizer.

Turns out that it was a good buy, as I’ve discovered what may be my favourite lip balm EVER. It applies in a thin even layer that makes your lips feel soft and conditioned without being sticky or too greasy. I’ve tried many tinted lip balms in recent years but this is the first that actually does what I want a tinted balm to do – it leaves my lips looking subtly pinker, so they appear smoother and a little plumper. It really is a ‘my lips but better’ thing, as opposed to other tinted balms which can end up just looking like sheer and not- very-precisely-applied lipstick.

The scent is always an important factor for those of us with broken brains and fortunately this balm has an unusual but lovely smell to it. I’ve been struggling to put my finger on it; there’s a sweetness that I think is vanilla but also a fresh green scent, something in the minty herb area. Whatever it is, I like it and my brain doesn’t painfully object.

Finally, the packaging. I love it. If I’m going to spend £25 on a lip balm, I want to enjoy applying it. The luxe pale pink casing is substantial but not ludicrously heavy. The top of the lid boasts a gold coloured metallic finish – attractive without being over the top. I’m a fan of the gentle magnetic closure, always a handy feature for a product that tends to be carried about and that you really don’t want to fall open, exposing the balm to dust/handbag germs. All this turns what could be a ‘basic’ product into something I enjoy reaching for everyday. If you’re looking for a special balm in this price range, I highly recommend you stop by an Estée Lauder counter or, if you’re happy to purchase before checking the scent etc for yourself, buy online at Debenhams, Boots or (at the time of writing) ASOS.

Edit on 2/4/2020 – I wrote this post several weeks ago; I’ve already finished the first tube and repurchased. An excellent use of the rewards/points I’d collected at Debenhams 😊.

Do you like luxurious, somewhat pricier balms or do you have a drugstore one that you swear by?

Kindra x

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