Product Review: Estée Lauder DayWear Matte Gel Creme

‘You get what you pay for’ is a divisive sentiment, for good reason. Regarding skincare, it’s a glorious fact that there are plenty of affordable products on the market that will perform well without making you want to cry as you’re handing over your card/confirming your PayPal payment. It is also true that some products are pricier yet remain popular in an arguably saturated market, simply because they are a pleasure to use and can be depended on to perform exactly as you want them to every time.

Estée Lauder have a number of products that are permanent fixtures on the ‘bestseller’ list but the one I’m in love with is their DayWear Matte Gel Creme.

Moisturisers can be very hit and miss when your skin is as aggressively combination as mine is. The different areas of my face behave as though they belong to entirely separate people; in some places prone to aggravating, foundation-destroying shine and in others, a parched, sensitive mess. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I can hope to address both is by using two serums, one for oily spots, one for the drier areas.

What I’ve found in DayWear Matte is a product that can be used as my moisturiser on my entire face (after the serum step of my routine). It doesn’t leave any greasy residue at all on the oily bits but still makes the dry patches feel soft and hydrated. The texture is perfect in that it’s just gel-like enough to be absorbed quickly and creamy enough to feel soothing and comforting. The scent is light and fresh and doesn’t trouble even my fragrance-sensitive brain.

This product is advertised as being for oily skin but if you’re someone who has essence/serum steps in your routine (you should, it’s a skincare game changer), I think it would provide a shine-free, softened result for other skin types as well. It certainly does on my dry & easily aggravated cheek areas. It’s worth noting that there’s also a version of this product without the ‘matte’ element, presumably aimed at skin that’s on the drier side.

The essence I use is from the Vitamin E range at Body shop and my staple serums are from It’s Skin, a lovely affordable Korean brand. I mention this to illustrate that the performance of this Estée Lauder product is not dependent on the rest of your skincare faves being higher end items. After all, if a somewhat pricy beauty product is reliant on every element of your routine being from the same range, then your entire skincare spend just got waaaaaay more expensive.

At £45 for 30ml it’s a not insignificant skincare purchase but one that is worth every penny in my opinion, especially when you factor in that the jar lasts quite a while. It’s true as well that when you’ve pinned down the right skincare products, you save on the money and effort that you’d otherwise spend trying to get your primer and foundation to perform as they should. That’s certainly been my experience at least!

What mid-range/higher end products do you swear by? Have you tried any bestsellers that turned out to be a disappointment?


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