The Lip Balm Files – Laneige Lip Mask and Lip Glowy Balm

~ This series consists, unsurprisingly, of product reviews of lip balms, masks and treatments. None of these posts are sponsored. ~

When your life is turned upside down by disability, you find yourself missing a range of things, big and small, from your old life. One of the little things I miss is doing my makeup every day; I never went to work or indeed anywhere else without my signature liquid eyeliner and carefully applied lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE lipstick – I’m a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury in particular and will always be partial to MAC’s Matte and Satin formulas. But since my life has changed, a new lip product obsession has developed. My bedside table is home to my favourite lip masks and balms, out of a collection that I admit is getting ludicrously large.

In the last couple of years, the lip masks and balms from Laneige, a popular K-beauty skincare brand, have become staple products in my routine, even when said skincare/beauty routine is scaled right back because I can’t lift my head from my pillow that day.

Let’s start with the lip mask, the product that went viral on Instagram and was, for many beauty lovers in the UK, our first exposure to the Laneige brand. Most products that become Insta favourites overnight don’t really appeal to me because I’m, to put it bluntly, a kick in the arse off 40. But I do like to look after my lips so that they stay comfortable through the physical challenges caused by my disability and are ready for unforgiving matte lipsticks I favour on those blessed days when I’m well enough to wear it.

So, I decided to treat myself to a Laneige lip mask via the YesStyle website (my number one place to shop for Korean and Japanese beauty products as well as cute stationary bits and pieces). Since the first time I tried it, I have made sure to never run out and have mini pots ready for any hospital/overnight stays. It does exactly what it’s supposed to – applied in the same way as a potted balm before I go to sleep, it really makes my lips feel soft and smooth by morning. If I feel that slight dryness or the beginnings of a potential flacking situation (eww, unacceptable!) I reach for it right away and this product really does smooth the problem away.

The original Berry flavour is the one you’ll still spot most often on the sickeningly gorgeous skincare shelves of Instagram but other lovely flavours like Mint Choco, Vanilla, Apple and Candy have popped up. It’s worth keeping an eye on stockists in the run up to Christmas because that’s when Laneige release gift sets that tend to include mini pots such as those pictured above. A little goes a long way so I’m actually preferring the minis as opposed to the full size jars that can be difficult to use up before they’ve been open too long and need to be discarded.

Scent wise, Choco Mint has become favourite. It smells like mint choc chip ice-cream which I LOVE, without any of the soapy undertones that such products can sometimes have.

The Laneige balms have also become a repurchase for me, especially when they’re on sale. They’re the kind of balm that’s a thick liquid that you squeeze from the tube (rather than the kind that’s a solid stick of product that you twist up) and in my opinion it is just the right consistency. It’s thick enough that it doesn’t slide off your lips but it’s still easy to spread over the lips. It’s transparent and a little shiny without being sticky. I’ve recently started using the Pear flavour, which sounds like a weird choice for a lip balm flavour/scent but is actually lovely. All the flavours I’ve tried smell pleasant; they remind me a little of expensive fruity-smelling hair products but without the chemical background. Most importantly, they don’t irritate my already perpetually aching brain.

Clearly, these products tick all the right boxes for me, but it’s the mask that I can see myself remaining loyal to for a long time.

Have you tried these products? Is there another brand that you always reach for re. lip masks and balms?

Kindra x

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