Suddenly I Care About Hand Cream

Until recently, I never gave hand cream much thought. I always had a tube lurking somewhere, usually something that had come as part of a gift set, but I never reached for it. My hands got moisturised as a happy byproduct of me applying body lotion or body butter, but they never had their own dedicated spot in my skincare/beauty routines.

Turns out during a pandemic, your hands suddenly need some attention. Mine definitely did; the constant hand washing & use of hand sanitiser made my hands visibly dry for the first time in my life. Eww. I was not impressed when I noticed. This situation had to be remedied.

Fortunately I had some rewards voucher things for Debenhams, so treated myself to a Loccitane set that’s been languishing on my wish list for ages. The star of the show was this large 20% Shea Butter hand cream. All I knew about it was that it’s popular and that it’s aimed at dealing with dry skin on the hands.

Since my hands were really dry, I figured that this very popular and not exactly cheap product was worth a go. And I’m glad I did, because it is a lovely addition to my routine and has become essential to me super quickly (why can’t I fall in love with something a little cheaper?!). The cream is rich and thick but doesn’t sit on top of your skin, it sinks in after a while, obviously taking a little longer if you apply a large amount. I prefer to build up to the required amount rather putting loads on in one go, but that’s a personal preference thing.

It smells yummy, in a sweet Shea kinda way. After using it for a couple of days all the visible dry bits were smooth and comfortable again. While they’re are undoubtedly cheaper options out there, the quality of this product and the fact that it feels like a treat for your hands makes it worth every penny.

One thing I would say is that the tube is metal-ish so it’s a little harder to squeeze than others. The brand sells (and sometimes offers as gift with purchase) a little key type thingy that you slide horizontally onto the wide end of the tube and use to roll down the tube as you go, to make sure none is wasted. I’m gonna have to invest in one.

If your hands are struggling with the extra washing/sanitising, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to this cream. It is rich and substantial and does what you need it to do, whilst smelling delicious.

Have any particular products become essential to you during this surreal time?


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