Mac Nutcracker Sweet Blush Highlight Compact

Every now and then, a limited edition product comes along that makes my eyes widen and I just HAVE to have it. In my own defence, this is actually quite rare; lots of limited edition products strike me as over hyped and all too often they aren’t going to work with my milk coloured skin. Plus, living with a chronic debilitating illness tends to do bad things to your disposal income. 

But when I saw this compact in the marketing ads/reviews for Mac’s Nutcracker Sweet collection, I fell in love. I was lucky enough to get it as an early Christmas gift – yay! It’s one of those products that really makes me look forward to the times when I’m well enough to put on makeup.

There were two versions of this compact available in the collection; I went for the Peach version which includes (unsurprisingly) a peachy pink shade of blush called At Dusk. The Copper version was super popular because it included the much loved Whisper of Gilt highlight but those shades just weren’t to my taste for my skin tone.

Both of these products are easy to wear and buildable. I don’t own many peachy tone blushes but have found that I really like it; it’s a soft and natural look that’s great for daytime. I found that is was just the right side of pigmented, meaning that the colour pay off is good but not so stark that one swipe needs endless blending to be wearable. The highlight is a lovely shade called Tutu that you don’t often see on the market, light but not stark or cold looking. Mac descibes it as a pale white peach. It works really well on my very fair skin tone. 

The packaging in this collection is adorable without being juvenile. I love the burgundy/purple and pink combination and the stitched detailing makes the whole thing feel a little luxurious. The detailing is repeated on the pans of product and makes using them for the first time a little sad! Mac have really got it right with this collection in my opinion.

I’m going to include a couple of pics of me wearing these products but bear in mind that I’m no expert at taking such photos – it looks great in real life! On that morning I was well enough to wear makeup but not well enough to remove shades in any kind of light; pretty typical of my rare ‘good hours’ these days.

The Nutcracker Sweet collection is well worth checking out. At the time of writing, this product was still available  online in the UK (yay!) along with some of the gorgeous lip and eye sets.

Did you buy anything from this collection? Have you spotted any other LE holiday products that you’ve fallen in love with?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed in this post were purchased with my own money.


Makeup Geek Blush Review

It feels like an age ago that I got these two blushes from Makeup Geek as part of my Birthday Beauty Haul (Part 1 & Part 2) back in August. My Chronic Life currently restricts my ‘well enough to apply makeup’ hours drastically so it’s taken a while for me to have used these blushes enough to be ready to review them…but finally I’m there 😊. 

These are the first Makeup Geek blushes I’ve bought and I ordered them online from Beauty Bay. MUG has released a new batch of blushes in compact form since but I rarely carry blush about with me so am happy to buy pan versions to live inside my Tarteist Pro Custom Palette.

The shades I went for were Valentine (left) which is described as a pastel pink beige and Soulmate (right) which is described as muted mauve with rosy nude undertones and a shimmer finish. I find myself reaching for Soulmate most often. Both shades are suitable for my very fair skin but I think my taste has changed somewhat since I bought Mac’s Blush Baby almost a year ago; I’ve started to lean away from lighter pinks towards those that have some mauve or hints of brown in them. It’s worth noting that whatever shimmer is supposed to be present in Soulmate isn’t very noticeable to my eye; this is a bonus in my opinion as I prefer my blushes to provide colour rather than shimmer.

The swatches may not look particularly pigmented but for me that’s not necessarily a bad thing – I don’t want to look like Coco the Clown after one light swipe. These blushes produce enough colour on the cheek that I still need to concentrate so as not to overdo it! 

The thing I like about these blushes is that they blend beautifully. A fluffy face brush blends and smooths the edges very nicely without removing the colour. Both of these shades work nicely with the silver or pink toned highlighters that I gravitate towards.

So far I’ve only been able to test drive them for a few hours at a time, since that’s as long as any excursion of mine lasts (if I’m lucky). But I’m impressed with them and think they’re worth the £8.50 each that they cost in the UK. Soulmate has fast become a blush that I use regularly. If you haven’t tried Makeup Geek blushes then I recommend you check them out.

What is your favourite blush?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x 

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money. 

Birthday Beauty Haul Pt 2

If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know that I get super excited for my birthday in August and super excited again at Christmas; they are the times of year I tend to get beauty gifts and gift cards from the lovely people close to me. The Chronic Life I’m living right now means that I really wouldn’t feel right spending money on higher end beauty hauls while I’m too sick to work. But twice a year I get to indulge myself guilt-free and I don’t mind admitting that I really enjoy it. If you haven’t checked out my Birthday Beauty Haul Pt 1  post yet, you should (it includes my first ever purchases from Anastasia Beverly Hills😍).

As you can tell, part 2 of my birthday haul is made up of 4 products from Tarte. I’ve wanted to try out the brand for a long time but couldn’t justify the increased total spend when postage to the UK & taxes were factored in. When I saw the Blush Book 2, I decided that this birthday was the time to get my Tarte on!

In addition to the Blush Book 2, I ordered the animal print eyeshadow palette (empty like a Z Palette), the Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation in the shade Honey and the Airbuki Brush that’s designed to be used with the foundation.

I haven’t tested these products yet (the daily pain limits the amount of time I am well enough to sit up & apply makeup…oh how I miss working and putting my face on every day!) but as ever I couldn’t wait any longer to show you what I’ll be reviewing in upcoming posts.

It will of course get a separate post but here’s a peek inside the Blush Book 2….just look at that blushy goodness😍.

I’ll be back soon with reviews of these products and the ones from part 1 of my birthday haul. I’m so excited to try them all!

Have you hauled anything that you’re really excited about lately? 

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Nuanced 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes are soooo popular; ‘Soft & Gentle’ in particular has been a YouTube beauty guru favourite for years now. At the age of 34, I have finally purchased my own Mineralize Skin Finish so it’s only right that I share my thoughts with you 😊.


I spotted the shade ‘Nuanced’ online and was lured in by the four-shades-in-one thing. Admittedly I thought the shades had a slightly pinker undertone than they actually do in real life but that’s always a risk you take when buying without swatching. Mac describes this product as ‘sheer wash of light rosy champagne with slight fine pink and gold pearl.’

I use highlighters sparingly as I don’t want to look shiny; in fact I spend a lot of time battling the dreaded shine! This is a great product for highlighting / as a blush topper. It creates a pretty shimmer without actual bits of glitter. I use the shades separately as my skin is super pale but they can be used swirled together if that suits your skin tone.


{Swatched left to right, top row first}

I like having four shade options that I can choose from depending on what most suits the blush I’m wearing on any given day. The first shade (top left in compact) is the easiest to wear for me and pretty much goes with any blush. As the weather  warms up I may experiment with using the two darkest shades as shimmery blush.

Overall I’m pleased with this product; the shades are a little out of my comfort zone but I’m enjoying them. I probably wouldn’t have bought them separately but I’m glad I have them to play with. The amount of pigment and shimmer you want can be achieved by choosing the right shape and size brush – you can use a small angled brush with a light hand if you prefer a targeted area of light shimmer (like me) or a bigger fluffier brush if you’re after a more full-on glow.

Do you have a favourite Mineralize Skin Finish?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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MAC Blush in BlushBaby

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed some periods of silence from me of late. I have been battling even more pain than usual and I’m also processing a new neurological diagnosis but all that can wait for a separate post; today I want to share my thoughts on my first MAC blush – BlushBaby.


MAC stock an impressive range of formulas and shades of Blush. I opted for a Sheertone finish as my REALLY pale skin is easily overwhelmed by products that are too pigmented – Coco the Clown is not the look I’m going for! The Sheertone formula lets me build up to the amount of colour I’m after, as opposed to getting so much colour from one swipe that I then have to spend an age trying to blend it out into a more wearable look.


MAC describes BlushBaby as a beige-pink shade which I mostly agree with. It turned out to be more beige than I expected. It’s a lovely colour but I’m still getting used to it; until now I’ve only ever used cool pink blush shades. 


If you’re super pale and/or wary of very pigmented shades for blush/contouring, BlushBaby is well worth considering. The sheer finish makes it very wearable and the shade would work with a wide range of skin tones and makeup looks. I find myself reaching for it regularly. That said I think my preference for a more cool pink shade remains. I’ll definitely look to MAC for my next blush purchase as I’m pleased with the formula and staying power of this one.

Do you have a favourite MAC blush?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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MAC Mini Haul Sneak Peek

Shopping at MAC is an all too rare occurrence for me. Living with a debilitating chronic illness (more than one actually; I’m greedy like that) means that I a) feel guilty if I spend money on luxury things for myself and b) I rarely make it out of the house to a MAC store to swatch all the beautiful products. 

Fortunately my loved ones know that a MAC gift card is always a good way to go re. gifts for my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. Here are a few bits I picked up recently:
Sheertone Blush in ‘Blushbaby’- 

Mineralize Skin Finish in ‘Nuanced’ (LE) –  

Prep+Prime Fix+ Spray – 

Oil Control Lotion and Prep+Prime Skin Base (sample) –

The Fix+ Spray is a repurchase; I really like this product. I often find that I’ve over powdered by the time my makeup is done, in an attempt to keep the shine at bay. This product does a nice job of calming down the ‘too much powder look’. I also spray some onto a stippling brush and use it to fix any little patches of foundation on jawline or eyebrow area that haven’t  blended properly. These smaller bottles are handy for travel or throwing in handbag for more serious makeup touch ups while you are out. 

The other products are new to me so keep an eye out for upcoming posts on what I think of them. 

BTW the Mac UK website now offers free delivery plus a little free sample at checkout. I went for the Prep+Prime Skin Base, which I’m looking forward to trying.

What’s caught your eye at MAC lately?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Milani Blusher Haul: 1st Impressions 

Every now & then, the magical phrase ‘50% off’ makes lovely things happen. When I noticed that Beauty Crowd had a 50% off code for the entire site a few weeks back, I took the opportunity to get myself a few Milani products that I’ve had my eye on for a while.


Top – Milani Baked Blush in Delezioso

Bottom left – Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty’s Touch

Bottom right – Milani Rose Powder Blush in Coral Cove.


It’s fab to be able to get hold of these easily; Milani is a drugstore brand that my favourite American beauty YouTubers have often mentioned over recent years. The fact that Beauty Crowd stocks the brand means that we can buy the products in the UK without the ludicrously high mark-up that you often see on Amazon – if you have to pay extra then it’s no longer a bargain drugstore gem!


The first thing to say about the products is LOOK HOW PRETTY!! Packaging & presentation isn’t everything of course but I do appreciate attention to detail. Between the floral patterns on the products themselves to the mirror and brush that are built-in with the Baked Blush, the little touches are lovely to see in a relatively inexpensive drugstore brand.


The shades look scary bright in the pan but as you see from the swatches, these blushes are pigmented enough while still being sheer. It’s a matter of taste of course but personally I prefer a blush to be sheer & buildable rather than so pigmented that a light swipe makes me look like Coco the Clown. The Baked Blush in particular has a lovely soft texture that feels much more expensive than it is. The Illuminating Powder is an interesting product that can be used as a bronzer or highlighter; a product to play with!

I’m really looking forward to test driving these blushes. I’ve never used a coral shade before but I’m going to be brave and dive in!

Do you use Milani products? What’s your favourite drugstore blush/highlighter?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. The 50% discount was available to everybody.

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