What My Migraine Was Hiding

{As ever with the Chronic Life series, I must point out that I'm not a doctor or medical expert, just a patient like any other. My thoughts and feelings are just that; medical advice should be sought from your specialist.} Getting new additional diagnoses when you've lived with Migraine for most of your life is… Continue reading What My Migraine Was Hiding

Checking the Pressure in My Head

I've just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel! It's about ICP Monitoring, the procedure I had done recently to check the pressure inside my head.  Here's the link if you fancy checking it out - What Is ICP Monitoring? Wishing you good luck & happy days, Kindra x Follow me on Instagram. Find me on Twitter. 

Everybody’s An Expert on Migraine

As ever with the Chronic Life series, this post is made up of my opinions based on my experiences of living with Chronic Migraine and now, it turns out, Chiari. Some days I feel positive, some days I rant & some days I fall silent altogether. This post may be a little on the ranty… Continue reading Everybody’s An Expert on Migraine

Adult Colouring Books – Therapy or Fad?

Confession time: when I first came across the concept of colouring books for adults, I rolled my eyes and kept on scrolling. But the next time I was colouring with my 4 year old, it struck me that actually, I kept colouring long after she lost interest and went off to scold the children in… Continue reading Adult Colouring Books – Therapy or Fad?