Tablets, Sprays and Injections – Oh My!

This post outlines my thoughts and experience re. medication delivery methods as a life long Chronic Migraine warrior; I'm not a medical expert! Obviously, all concerns and ideas re. medication should be discussed with your GP/Specialist. A few members of my Migraine/Chronic Pain Warriors FB group are relatively new to the Chronic Life, so with… Continue reading Tablets, Sprays and Injections – Oh My!

£2.30 Sheer Lip Pick-Me-Up

You might not think that there's much of a connection between living with chronic pain/illness and the makeup & beauty tastes of the person in question. But in my case, ChronicLife has definitely influenced the kind of products I choose & how I use them. I adore perfectly applied & layered lipliners & matte lipsticks… Continue reading £2.30 Sheer Lip Pick-Me-Up