ABH Moon Child Glow Kit

Anastasia Bevelery Hills' Glow Kits have been EVERYWHERE on Instagram and YouTube beauty channels for quite some time. As ever, the majority of these highlighting products are not a suitable shade for my milk-white skin tone. Golds and bronzes just don't work on me! But when the Moon Child kit launched a few months ago,… Continue reading ABH Moon Child Glow Kit

MAC Mini Haul Sneak Peek

Shopping at MAC is an all too rare occurrence for me. Living with a debilitating chronic illness (more than one actually; I'm greedy like that) means that I a) feel guilty if I spend money on luxury things for myself and b) I rarely make it out of the house to a MAC store to… Continue reading MAC Mini Haul Sneak Peek

Bell Hypoallergenic Cosmetics: Primer and Illuminating Powder

   Hello beauty lovers! You may remember my £20 Beauty Haul from Beauty Crowd last month. Included in the bundle of gorgeousness were some products from a brand I've only just discovered - Bell Hypoallergenic. Now that I've had a chance to use them, it's time to tell you what I think of the Matt&Smooth Makeup… Continue reading Bell Hypoallergenic Cosmetics: Primer and Illuminating Powder

Essence: Face and Eye Essentials

   As much as I adore a MAC lipstick and love my Clinique skincare bits, nothing is quite as satisfying & delightful as finding a drugstore brand that offers effective, inexpensive beauty products. Essence is one such brand. It is relatively new to the UK. I bought my recent haul from the Wilko website but BeautyCrowd have… Continue reading Essence: Face and Eye Essentials