Lottie London Lip Kit

Since I had brain surgery in late January, I’ve been even more housebound than usual. I’m managed two short outings with my family since then and on both occasions I test drove this Lip Kit in the shade #TBT from Lottie London cosmetics. It has been waiting patiently for it’s moment for quite some time so I figure it deserves it’s own ‘first impressions’ post.

The first thing to note is that the shade of the liquid lipstick is considerably darkened (based on what you’d expect from looking at the tube) when the lipliner is used underneath. This surprised me but wasn’t a bad thing as such. Here’s how both products swatch separately and how it looked when they were both worn together:

{My first post-surgery makeup application, complete with hair scraped up to hide the scar}

Having tried wearing both products together and then just the liquid lipstick alone, I prefer the former. The lip look lasts beautifully through eating/drinking when both products have been used on the entire lips; no transfer and minimal fading. The liquid lipstick alone created a shade that was closer to the shade in the tube but the longetivity wasn’t nearly as good. The lipliner is nice and creamy and without it, the liquid lipstick felt and looked considerably drier.

I’ll definitely get more use out of these products and recommend wearing them together for the best finish. At £8.99 for the pair, they are reasonably priced and perform beautifully when both products are used on the whole of the lips. While this shade looks pretty dark against my super pale skin, I think it would suit quite a wide range of skin tones. While the darkness was a surprise, I really like the richness of the shade.

These lip kits are available from ASOS and I think they are well worth checking out.

Do you like lip kits or do you prefer liquid lipsticks on their own ?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. The products discussed were purchased with my own money.


Urban Decay: Vice Lipstick and 24/7 Glide On Lipliner

Chronic pain and illness are real time thieves. I’ve had this lipstick and lipliner for quite a while but had to wait ages for a ‘good’ day to come along (where I was able to apply makeup and leave home for few hours with my family). Of course my illnesses steal much more than valuable lipstick-wearing time but this isn’t that kind of post…today I want to share my thoughts on these two products. 


Firstly, let’s talk shades. Urban Decay have released a whopping 100 shades of lipstick in their Vice collection, which containing 6 different finishes. The shade I went for is called Back Talk. Many of the Vice lipsticks have a 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil that matches exactly and shares a name. This is not the case with Back Talk so I opted for the pencil in the shade Rush. 


The formula of both of these products is really impressive. The lip pencil is soft and actually does what it says on the tin – it glides on. I was a little concerned at first that this might make it more prone to breaking (Mac’s Pro Longwear Pencil was a disappointment in this regard, see post here) but my concern turned out to be groundless. The colour went on smoothly and evenly without being at all drying.

The lipstick is a Comfort Matte finish and actually is very comfortable on the lips. It’s a touch creamier than most matte lipsticks and as such doesn’t highlight lines or unevenness on the surface of the lips. The lipstick is fragrance free as far as I can tell, which is great if scents can act as a migraine trigger for you as the can for me. 


The creamy texture of these products made me think they may not last too well. I was completely wrong on that too! I was genuinely impressed with the wear time and when I checked my lips to touch up after eating a meal and drinking coffee, I actually found that it wasn’t necessary. When I decided to reapply, more out of habit than necessity,  I found that the lipstick layered over itself beautifully.



{Above is me test driving these lip products. I look kinda weird because I was feeling overheated with the pain & very nauseous so foundation full on melted off chin and upper lip – the joys of Chronic Life!}

It terms of shade, these two products go together perfectly. The lipstick has a touch more mauve to it than the pencil. These colours would work well on a wide range of skin tones but obviously appear darker on me than most people, since my skin is on the extreme side of pale (MAC NW10 right now).

Overall I’m delighted with these products. I highly recommend that if you’re going to buy a Vice lipstick, you treat yourself to one of the 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils too. The two products together create a gorgeous lip look that’s both comfortable and long wearing. Obviously there are a lot of shades to choose from but if you’re a fan of Mac’s Brave or Twig lipsticks and/or their Soar, Whirl or Dervish liners, then Backtalk and Rush are likely to be winners for you. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I think I might actually prefer these Urban Decay offerings to my hitherto favourite lipsticks and lipliners from MAC!

Have you tried the Vice lipsticks and/or the Glide-On lip pencils? What did you think?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money.

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: 1st Impressions 

I made it to Dublin recently for a long weekend with lots of my family. If you’re a regular reader or Twitter buddy, you’ll know that travelling is very difficult for me due to my neurological condition so it’s not something  I attempt often. As this was a one-off event so I decided to give it a go. With the help of many meds and my husband, I managed to get there and take part in some family events – yay! Most importantly, me making it meant my daughter got to make some nice family memories that involve me being upright & not stranded in the dark dealing with pain!

On the way back through Dublin airport I used some left over Euros to grab myself a lipstick and lip pencil in MAC. I went for a matte lipstick in Please Me and a Pro Longwear Pencil in  Good Timing; the latter is the topic of this 1st Impressions post.


I must admit up front that I didn’t realise I’d bought a Pro Longwear pencil until later; as I didn’t have much time, I just grabbed a colour I liked the look of. I normally buy MAC’s standard lipliners but I was interested to see how this one performed.


On the plus side, the formula of this pencil is smooth and soft. There is no dragging on application. The shade itself is very pretty. MAC describes it as ‘light pink’ which it is; I’d add that it has a cool mauve undertone going, but that may just be how it looks on my very pale skin.


On the other hand, this pencil didn’t impress me the first time I used it – as soon as I started applying, the tip broke right off. I don’t think I use a particularly heavy hand so I really wouldn’t expect this to happen on the first use of a £15 lip pencil. I also found that there was a slight patchiness to the look on the lips that only worsened as it began to fade. It could be partly due to the fact that this is a lighter shade than I’d usually wear, but I felt that the fading patchiness was very noticeable as my natural lip colour peeked through.

So, I’m pretty disappointed with my 1st impression of this product, which is a shame as I generally love MAC products. I’ll give it another couple of outings and if my opinion changes, I’ll write an update post to let you guys know.

Have you used this product in any shade? Did you like it?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Drugstore ‘Nude’ Lipstick and Liner Combo including £1 Lipliner 

 As much as I adore Mac lipsticks and lipliners, I do love finding drugstore gems that can be used to create a similar look. If like me you love the ‘nude’ shades at Mac (personally I adore the nudes that have a little mauve/pink running through the brown…none of which is actually nude on my skin tone but you know what I mean) then the drugstore has a wealth of options that are enjoyable to use and great value for money.


The lip combo I’m showing you today combined two of my favourite drugstore brands – Rimmel and Essence. Rimmel is very well known and the ongoing collaboration with Kate Moss has helped keep it popular. Essence is newer to the UK and not as widely available (try Wilko online or Beauty Crowd) but has some lovely products at astoundingly cheap prices.

Being a fan of Mac shades like Soar, Brave and Mehr, it’s not surprising these two products appealed to me.


The liner from Essence can be a little dry but warm the tip up slightly on the back of your hand and it does a great job; I use it over the entire lip and it really helps the lip look stay in place. It only cost £1 so these liners are a great way to try out new shades without investing enough money that you’re disappointed if it doesn’t work out (I’m still gutted that Velvet Teddy looked awful on me but I’m slowly getting over it 😜).

The Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick applies really smoothly and is an excellent choice if you find matte finishes too flat. Formula wise I’d say it’s closest to Mac’s Satin finish; it’s pigmented and creamy with a slightly glossy finish.


There I am, hiding my broken brain from daylight as usual but enjoying this lip combo 😊. It’s a look that really could work on any skin tone and is a lovely choice for daytime; a very easy way to look like you’ve spent more time on your makeup than you actually have, which is always handy if you happen to have a chronic illness like I do. Much like my beloved Soar & Brave, this is a combination I can reach for and know it’s going to be a winner. 

Do you have a favourite drugstore ‘nude’ lip product?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Mac Cherry Lipliner and Brave Red Lipstick: Review 

I’ve become obsessed with Mac lipsticks in the last year or so and have looked at/swatched lots and bought quite a few; I thought I had a pretty good idea what lip products I wanted to include in my recent Mac haul. So imagine my surprise when I spotted a shade of lipstick I’d never heard of and fell in love! The lipliner I bought as a companion product is more well known & definitely doesn’t disappoint.


The lipliner I chose is the shade Cherry and the lipstick is a Cremesheen finish called Brave Red.

The lipliner in Cherry is a popular shade; some people wear it with Ruby Woo. It is an absolutely gorgeous shade. I often wore red on my lips prior to my Chronic Migraine becoming Daily. It wasn’t unusual for me to rock a red lip look for work as well as for going out in the evening. Since my ventures out into the world are now largely medical appointment related, I haven’t had much chance to indulge my love of red lips lately. It occurred to me recently that I don’t currently own a go-to red lipstick & liner; I had to remedy this 😊.

 This lipliner is exactly the right shade for my very fair skin. Anything too orange doesn’t work for me. Cherry is perfect; a deep rich red that’s bright without looking like clown makeup. The forumla of this particular Mac liner is gorgeous. For some reason it’s a little creamier than the other shades I own but sacrifices none of the staying power. It can even be worn alone for a matte lip look.


{NB I do not like taking selfies but these products are so lovely I had to try & show you what they look like on}

The Brave Red lipstick was an unusual purchase for me as I tend to go for the Mac Matte or Satin finishes; this one is a Cremesheen. It has a very subtle gold highlight through it and is more pigmented than other shades in this finish. Worn over the lipliner it creates a very pretty, polished look.


This combination lasted well through eating and drinking and felt very comfortable on the lips. The lipstick could be worn alone for anyone who enjoys red but prefers a more sheer finish than you’d get with a Matte or Satin.

These two products have breathed new life into my old love of a red lip look. I wonder why I’d never heard of Brave Red; it deserves some of the attention that Mac’s other red lipsticks get!

Do you have a favourite red lipstick/lipliner  from Mac or is your go-to product from any brand?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Mac Soar and Brave – Worth the Hype? 

By this time you can probably spot someone wearing a Mac Lipliner in Soar at 20 paces. It has been most commonly paired with Velvet Teddy in the last couple of years, thanks to Kylie Jenner. If you read the very first post I ever wrote for this blog, you’ll remember that Velvet Teddy and I endured a messy breakup; I just couldn’t make it work. Gorgeous as it looks on pretty much everybody else, it just looked an unattractive flat brown on me. So during my recent Mac haul, I purchased Brave along with Soar instead.



These two products make a gorgeous combination. I wear Soar over the entire lips rather than just outlining with it. This is a long wearing lipliner and as such can be a little drying but not enough to be a problem in my opinion. I use a fingertip to soften and gently spread the colour while leaving a neat outline in place.


I follow this with a coat of Brave straight from the tube, then blot and apply a final coat. Brave is a Satin finish but if you fancy going for a matte look, this can easily be achieved by laying a single sheet of tissue onto the lips and lightly dusting loose powder over it. I don’t usually bother mattifying this lip look but it’s always an option. I think it’s definitely worth taking the time to fully line lips, apply lipstick, blot & reapply though; the resulting lip look survives eating a meal much better than non-matte lipsticks usually do and requires minimal touching up during the day.


Brave is much better suited to my skin tone than Velvet Teddy. There’s a very subtle pinkish tone running through it that softens the brown and stops it looking stark & flat on me. The formula is creamy and very comfortable to wear, even with lipliner on the entire lips underneath. The hint of mauve in Soar works beautifully with Brave and the result is a lip look that’s good for everyday. For me it’s a lip combination I can go with when I don’t have the time or energy to give it much thought – I know these two products will be a winner every time. There are of course a range of nude/mauve/brown lip products out there but Soar and Brave (and indeed Velvet Teddy if the shade suits you) are in my opinion worth the higher end price tags. 


That’s me, taking a quick pic of the Soar/Brave look for you. You should probably ignore everything but my lips; I was feeling very sickly, pain was starting to climb and I was on my way out for an MRI scan (my life is so glamorous).

Do you have a favourite lipliner/lipstick combo? Which Mac lipstick are you obsessed with?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Mac Haul Sneak Peek 

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that my life isn’t like other people’s. The Chronic Daily Migraine and Fibromyalgia keep me housebound a lot of the time. So you’ll appreciate just how excited I was to FINALLY get some functional hours where I was able to get to the Mac store in Canary Wharf to make use of the gift cards that have been burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas. It was a happy day! (I felt very rough on way back but it was totally worth it 😊).


Two things to mention up front. Firstly, since chronic illness has crippled both me & my finances, there’s no way I’d normally be able to justify buying this much stuff in one go; only my Christmas gift cards make it possible right now. Secondly, Mac has a shocking reputation in terms of in-store customer services. I have no idea if it’s deserved or not but if you’re shopping in East London I recommend the Canary Wharf branch; Monica who looked after me was friendly and really helpful. 
Today I’ll show you what products I went for. In upcoming posts I’ll review each one individually with swatches and updates on how I’m getting on with the products. I’m soooo excited to play with all this stuff 👏🏼. Up to this point the majority of my MAC purchases have been Matte Lipsticks.


  • Pro Longwear Foundation in NW15
  • Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15
  • Fix+ Spray (30ml Sized to Go)


    • Eyeshadow x 4 palette 
    • Eyeshadows in pan – Blanc Type, Corduroy, Woodwink & Cork. 
    • False Lash Effect Mascara (Sized to Go)
    • Paint Pot in Painterly 


      • Lipstick – Brave Red (Cremesheen)
      • Lipstick – Brave (Satin)
      • Lipliner – Cherry
      • Lipliner – Dervish
      • Lipliner – Soar

      BTW the Fix+ spray and mascara are mini sizes but still generous; they cost £10 each & are available online too. A handy way to trial products or grab a handbag size treat.

      I’ll be back very soon with individual reviews! 

      Do you have a favourite Mac product?

      Wishing you good luck & happy days,

      Kindra x

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      A Drugstore Classic: Rimmel Lipliner ‘EastEnd Snob’

      I’ve had this product on my ‘must purchase’ list for a seriously long time. It finally made it from my Amazon wishlist into the basket & I’m glad to finally own it – I suspect I will get a lot of use out of it.  


      I’m a fan of the Exaggerate liners in general. They last well and I don’t find them chalky or crumbly as some lipliners can be. The fact that they don’t need to sharpened is a bonus as well.


      The packaging feels a bit flimsy but that’s not unusual for drugstore products and it does the job. These liners are inexpensive so you can buy a few shades at a time without breaking the bank.


      East End Snob is a pretty dusky pink type of shade. It’s perfect for wearing underneath pinkish nudes like Mac Mehr or NYX Whipped Caviar. It’s a shade that will suit a range of skin tones and is easily pretty enough to wear alone with a clear or coloured gloss. In fact on days when I have to try to look vaguely alive for a hospital appointment, this lipliner & a gloss will make for a quick and pretty daytime lip look.


      There is a hint of brown to East End Snob that makes it that bit more versatile and a good match for a variety of pinkish nude lip colours. I think it’s a useful and pretty addition to any makeup collection.

      Do you own East End Snob? Do you like Rimmel lipliners in general?

      Wishing you good luck & happy days,

      Kindra x

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      Random Beauty Haul From Wilko – Sneak Peek 

      If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that my life isn’t like most people’s; getting out of the house is cause for celebration. So when I made it out for a couple of hours of shopping at the weekend I considered it a victory and celebrated in the only fashion open to me right now – by treating myself to a little beauty haul.


      As much as I LOVE a Mac lipstick, I get very excited about good drugstore brand and Essence is definitely one of my favourites. Currently the brand is only available in store in the UK at Wilko. You can view the Essence range on the Wilko website and buy much of it online but the most recently released products are ‘in-store only’ (possibly a contractual/distribution thing, as Beauty Crowd has recently started selling a selection of Essence products online?). 

      Anyway, for this reason I decided to pop into Wilko while I happened to be near one, which doesn’t happen nearly often enough!


      I focused mainly on Essence items: makeup brushes, some lipliners, another of their long lasting lipsticks. I also snapped up one of their liquid lipsticks to give the formula a test drive (the one I received in December’s Glossybox turned out to be a touch too bright for my taste). The brow gel is something I’ve been meaning to try for a while, along with the mascara & lash primer.


      There also happened to be a 3 for 2 offer on certain brands (also available online at time of writing) so I grabbed a few Collection bits to try out as well. I went for their Lasting Perfection foundation in the lightest available shade, a cute little brow kit and a matte lip balm crayon. I won’t list all the specifics re. shades and prices right now for everything in this haul, as I’ll be reviewing these products in upcoming posts, but to give you an idea the Essence lipliners cost £1 each, their powder brush £3 and their liquid lipstick £2.50. The Collection foundation cost £5.98 and their brow kit £3.98.

      The whole bundle of items came to just under £40 – not bad at all as a Christmas ‘I made it out of the house’ treat for myself 😊. Makeup brushes alone will usually add up to being pretty expensive so I’m looking forward to trying out these cute inexpensive ones.



      Keep an eye out for reviews of individual or small groups of products from this haul but if you spot something you’d really like details of now, just leave a comment & I’ll get back to you 😊.

      Do you use beauty treats as a reward to yourself for meeting a personal target/doing something that you find difficult?

      Wishing you good luck & happy days,

      Kindra x

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