Review: ABH Liquid Lipstick 

If you’ve read my recent post on theBalm’s Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipstick, you’ll already know that I resisted the liquid lipstick trend for a loooong time. I was perfectly happy with Mac lipliners and matte or satin finish lipstick and more recently fell in love with Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in the comfort matte finish and 24/7 Glide On Lipliner. But I now own a few liquid lipsticks from the theBalm and I must confess, I’m largely neglecting the rest of my lipstick collection in favour of them.

So I decided to include a liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in my recent birthday beauty haul, to see if it would become a instant hit with me as well.

ABH has become wildly popular of late – between their brow products, their liquid lipstick and their Glow Kits (my birthday haul included Moon Child), their products are all over Instagram. So when I ordered this lipstick in the shade Dusty Rose, I was fairly confident that it would turn out to be a decent product at the very least. 

The first thing to say is that I LOVE the shade. ABH describes it on their website as a nude mauve. As ever, such mauve shades are a favourite of mine but on my very fair skin (Mac NW10) they are by no means a true nude shade. Dusty Rose is so easy to wear and would work on a range of different skin tones and with many different makeup looks.

The formula is long wearing and can be touched up when you’re out and about without it turning into a crumbling mess – a vital characteristic in a good liquid lipstick!

I have one issue with this product – the somewhat parched feel of it once it has dried down. It feels far more dry on my lips after an hour or so of wear than the Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipsticks from the theBalm. In my opinion it also looks more dry and therefore excentuates the natural lines on the lip itself. This is a shame as I do really love the shade but am more likely to reach for theBalm’s Charming instead as it looks and feels more comfortable.

I’ll still use this lipstick, maybe with a little lip balm underneath, but sadly it fell just short of the high standards theBalm have set for me re. liquid lipsticks.

What’s your favourite liquid lipstick?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x 

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money.


Mac Lipstick Review: Twig

There are some shades of lipstick that you can reach for with complete confidence, knowing that it will work with your skin tone and with a variety of makeup looks. For me, Mac’s Twig  is one such lipstick. 

Mac describes the shade as ‘soft muted brownish-pink’. This shade comes in a Satin finish, which is a nice change from the matte formulas we all seem to have become obsessed with in recent years. It works well with Mac’s lipliners in Soar, Whirl or Dervish depending on your preference. Layering this lipstick over lips that are completely filled-in with one of these liners will really increase wear time. I feel that this shade has a bit of a 90s vibe going on but is easier to wear that some of the darker Browns that were all the range then.

As you can see, I’m very fair-skinned so while Twig is a relatively deep looking shade on me, it would make a lovely nude shade for ladies (or indeed gentleman) with dark skin. I actually can’t think of a skin tone this shade wouldn’t look pretty against. Along with Brave & Mehr, this is a shade I can always count on to help me look put together, even when I’m in a lot of pain and trying to mask it by wearing my shades…which is most of the time to be honest!

There are drugstore alternatives to this colour, but personally I’d rather buy one Mac lipstick than a couple of cheaper ones. They apply so smoothly and smell delicious.

If you’re relatively new to Mac products, I highly recommend checking out this shade. Regardless of current makeup trends, this is a lipstick you can always depend on to look lovely all year around.

Do you have a favourite Mac lipstick?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money.

Review: MAC Tendertalk Lip Balms

I LOVE lip balms. I’ve loved them since my school days, when we all kept pots of Body Shop lip balm in our pencil cases. Even when I moved on to lipstick, I always kept a balm in every handbag. 

In recent years my life has been altered drastically by chronic illness. I no longer get to wear my beloved lipsticks every day. The one thing I always have on hand though is lip balm, even when I’m stranded in bed by the pain and nausea; sadly that’s most of the time right now.

I was excited to read that MAC were releasing a range of tinted balms – the Tendertalk Collection.


The two shades I went for are Play With Me and Side Dish. These balms claim to produce sheer tint that is individual to the wearer, based on the wearer’s body chemist. Play With Me is a sheer red shade and Side Dish is a sheer plum.


The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny things and these tubes are reflective and change colour in the light beautifully, without being so over the top that you’d feel self conscious using one in public! The tubes are nice and sturdy as you’d expect from a product in this price range.


The signature MAC vanilla scent is present, which I’m pleased about. The balm does what you’d expect a decent balm to do – it makes lips feel soft and moisturised. It doesn’t particularly last any longer than balms like Benefit’s Benebalm but I find the tint to be more smoothly buildable (since they are very close in price, I’d choose these over the Benebalm which until now was my favourite).  As the balm wears away, a hint of colour stain is left behind.


These are definitely an indulgent purchase as you can get nice tinted balms at a cheaper price point, but personally I love these balms. I’ll be needing to go into hospital some time soon to have a hole drilled in my skull and a monitoring thing put in there for a couple of days, so I figured I’d treat myself to these and include them in my scaled-back hospital basics makeup bag. I don’t mind admitting that pretty little luxuries cheer me up and I’m glad I bought these – in fact I’m trying to stop myself from buying the other shades! 

Do you have a favourite tinted lip balm?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: 1st Impressions 

I made it to Dublin recently for a long weekend with lots of my family. If you’re a regular reader or Twitter buddy, you’ll know that travelling is very difficult for me due to my neurological condition so it’s not something  I attempt often. As this was a one-off event so I decided to give it a go. With the help of many meds and my husband, I managed to get there and take part in some family events – yay! Most importantly, me making it meant my daughter got to make some nice family memories that involve me being upright & not stranded in the dark dealing with pain!

On the way back through Dublin airport I used some left over Euros to grab myself a lipstick and lip pencil in MAC. I went for a matte lipstick in Please Me and a Pro Longwear Pencil in  Good Timing; the latter is the topic of this 1st Impressions post.


I must admit up front that I didn’t realise I’d bought a Pro Longwear pencil until later; as I didn’t have much time, I just grabbed a colour I liked the look of. I normally buy MAC’s standard lipliners but I was interested to see how this one performed.


On the plus side, the formula of this pencil is smooth and soft. There is no dragging on application. The shade itself is very pretty. MAC describes it as ‘light pink’ which it is; I’d add that it has a cool mauve undertone going, but that may just be how it looks on my very pale skin.


On the other hand, this pencil didn’t impress me the first time I used it – as soon as I started applying, the tip broke right off. I don’t think I use a particularly heavy hand so I really wouldn’t expect this to happen on the first use of a £15 lip pencil. I also found that there was a slight patchiness to the look on the lips that only worsened as it began to fade. It could be partly due to the fact that this is a lighter shade than I’d usually wear, but I felt that the fading patchiness was very noticeable as my natural lip colour peeked through.

So, I’m pretty disappointed with my 1st impression of this product, which is a shame as I generally love MAC products. I’ll give it another couple of outings and if my opinion changes, I’ll write an update post to let you guys know.

Have you used this product in any shade? Did you like it?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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A Drugstore Classic: Rimmel Lipliner ‘EastEnd Snob’

I’ve had this product on my ‘must purchase’ list for a seriously long time. It finally made it from my Amazon wishlist into the basket & I’m glad to finally own it – I suspect I will get a lot of use out of it.  


I’m a fan of the Exaggerate liners in general. They last well and I don’t find them chalky or crumbly as some lipliners can be. The fact that they don’t need to sharpened is a bonus as well.


The packaging feels a bit flimsy but that’s not unusual for drugstore products and it does the job. These liners are inexpensive so you can buy a few shades at a time without breaking the bank.


East End Snob is a pretty dusky pink type of shade. It’s perfect for wearing underneath pinkish nudes like Mac Mehr or NYX Whipped Caviar. It’s a shade that will suit a range of skin tones and is easily pretty enough to wear alone with a clear or coloured gloss. In fact on days when I have to try to look vaguely alive for a hospital appointment, this lipliner & a gloss will make for a quick and pretty daytime lip look.


There is a hint of brown to East End Snob that makes it that bit more versatile and a good match for a variety of pinkish nude lip colours. I think it’s a useful and pretty addition to any makeup collection.

Do you own East End Snob? Do you like Rimmel lipliners in general?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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NYX Slim Lipliners 

Ah, lipliners. They’re one of those products for me that when I first used one, I couldn’t believe I’d ever managed to apply passable lipstick without it. They help avoid that unattractive bleeding lipstick look and help to achieve clean lines, which can be tricky with some lipsticks. They improve wear time & can be used to customise sheer lipsticks to suit your skin tone.

I have quite a few lipliners but the ones I have been reaching for most often in the last 6 months are from NYX, a fave brand of mine.




These particular shades exploded all over Pinterest as dupes for MAC lipliners. On the off chance that you haven’t come across this info a million times:

  • Mauve – wildly popular dupe for Whirl;
  • Ever – similarly raved about as a dupe for Soar;
  • Coffee – not as much of a consensus on this one but most people seem to consider it a good dupe for Spice.

These shades are pretty close to each other, but if you have several lipsticks in the MAC Brave/Twig area, or even Velvet Teddy, these can come in really handy. 

Here’s what they look like swatched on my NW15 skin:


I really like these lipliners. They’re not too draggy & the shades are so nice you could fill in entire lip & they’d look great. There is a little dry feeling if you fill in whole lip but that’s the case with most liners. These will really help increase wear time if you’re using a lipstick that isn’t matte, and therefore doesn’t usually stay put for too long. All three of them work beautifully NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia (popular colour dupe for Brave) and also with MAC Whirl lipstick.

Slim liners RRP£3.50 on the NYX UK website but if the shades you’re after are out of stock (they often are!) then I’d recommend  Very. If all else fails they are available in certain EBay shops but keep an eye out for ludicrous price hikes!

Have you used NYX lipliners? What did you think? 

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Lipbalm Mini Haul

When you’re trapped indoors (and indeed confined to bed)  as much as I am, what you keep on your bedside  table becomes important. One item that can always be found on mine, sometimes in triplicate, is lip balm. Let me tell you about the latest little cuties to be added to my collection:



The fact that they are tins rather than sticks appealed to me, as my 4 year old is going through a fun phase of stealthily stealing my stick lipbalms and twisting them all the way up. Some survive this treatment, some don’t. She’s not as interested in tins because they don’t resemble lipstick!


All three balms are pretty gorgeous. The consistency is fairly solid, which I like; you don’t end up with product packed under your nails as you do with Body Shop’s classic Born Lippy tubs of balm.

My favourite is the Mint one. It’s fragrance is fresh without being overwhelming & it’s perfect for wearing overnight. It’s also a natural product which lots of people like these days. This is the one I’ll be reaching for when I’ve been stuck in bed for agggggeeeeeessssss & my lips need some conditioning attention.


The Strawberry one is cute, with its reddish tint & strawberry fragrance. The smell reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake toys when I was a kid; the very manufactured, for-children version of Strawberry. I like it.

The BubbleGum pink tinted balm would be a favourite for many people I suspect but not for me. The very sweet scent was too much for over-sensitive broken brain, so that one was sent to a new home where it will be properly appreciated 😊.

The packaging for all three is lovely. The tins are solid & pretty. The set of two tinted balms would make a lovely stocking filler (I know, it’s not quite October yet!).


These three little beauties are by the brand Absolute New York and are available at Beauty Crowd. The Mint one costs £2.95 and the set of Strawberry & Bubble Gum balms retails at £4.95.

What’s your favourite Lipbalm? Do you prefer sticks or tins/tubs?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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