A Drugstore Classic: Rimmel Lipliner ‘EastEnd Snob’

I've had this product on my 'must purchase' list for a seriously long time. It finally made it from my Amazon wishlist into the basket & I'm glad to finally own it - I suspect I will get a lot of use out of it.     I'm a fan of the Exaggerate liners in… Continue reading A Drugstore Classic: Rimmel Lipliner ‘EastEnd Snob’

NYX Slim Lipliners 

   Ah, lipliners. They're one of those products for me that when I first used one, I couldn't believe I'd ever managed to apply passable lipstick without it. They help avoid that unattractive bleeding lipstick look and help to achieve clean lines, which can be tricky with some lipsticks. They improve wear time & can… Continue reading NYX Slim Lipliners¬†