Mac Nutcracker Sweet Blush Highlight Compact

Every now and then, a limited edition product comes along that makes my eyes widen and I just HAVE to have it. In my own defence, this is actually quite rare; lots of limited edition products strike me as over hyped and all too often they aren't going to work with my milk coloured skin.… Continue reading Mac Nutcracker Sweet Blush Highlight Compact

Mac Lipstick Review: Twig

There are some shades of lipstick that you can reach for with complete confidence, knowing that it will work with your skin tone and with a variety of makeup looks. For me, Mac's Twig  is one such lipstick.  Mac describes the shade as 'soft muted brownish-pink'. This shade comes in a Satin finish, which is… Continue reading Mac Lipstick Review: Twig

Mac Lucky Trolls Beauty Powder

I recently went into hospital to have a hole drilled in my skull and a tiny monitor put inside to assess the pressure around my brain. It was not fun šŸ˜¬. While I was there, I decided I deserved a little treat, so I ordered myself a beauty powder from Mac's Lucky Troll collection to… Continue reading Mac Lucky Trolls Beauty Powder

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: 1st ImpressionsĀ 

I made it to Dublin recently for a long weekend with lots of my family. If you're a regular reader or Twitter buddy, you'll know that travelling is very difficult for me due to my neurological condition so it's not something  I attempt often. As this was a one-off event so I decided to give… Continue reading MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: 1st ImpressionsĀ