MAC Blush in BlushBaby

If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed some periods of silence from me of late. I have been battling even more pain than usual and I'm also processing a new neurological diagnosis but all that can wait for a separate post; today I want to share my thoughts on my first MAC blush… Continue reading MAC Blush in BlushBaby

MAC Mini Haul Sneak Peek

Shopping at MAC is an all too rare occurrence for me. Living with a debilitating chronic illness (more than one actually; I'm greedy like that) means that I a) feel guilty if I spend money on luxury things for myself and b) I rarely make it out of the house to a MAC store to… Continue reading MAC Mini Haul Sneak Peek

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in ‘Painterly’

I have never been someone who adores eyeshadow; I'm more of a lipstick & liquid eyeliner person. Since my chronic illness worsened in the last two years, I've had less chance to indulge in my makeup obsession and eyeshadow has been limited to a subtle highlight under the brows when I'm well enough to apply… Continue reading Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in ‘Painterly’

Mac Cherry Lipliner and Brave Red Lipstick: Review 

I've become obsessed with Mac lipsticks in the last year or so and have looked at/swatched lots and bought quite a few; I thought I had a pretty good idea what lip products I wanted to include in my recent Mac haul. So imagine my surprise when I spotted a shade of lipstick I'd never heard… Continue reading Mac Cherry Lipliner and Brave Red Lipstick: Review 

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation: Review 

As you may have noticed from my profile picture either here or on Twitter, I am REALLY pale. My background is Irish, so I'm that kinda milk white that burns in the sun after 3 minutes but never tans. This makes buying foundation on the high street (or 'drugstore' as Americans call it) nearly impossible.… Continue reading Mac Pro Longwear Foundation: Review