Dark Berry Lip Loveliness 

Nothing cheers up my ChronicLife (living with chronic pain) quite as much as a beautiful new lipstick, despite the fact that I'm only well enough to wear them occasionally these days. I've discovered a 'drugstore' lipstick that is just gorgeous, so obviously I have to share my delight with my fellow beauty addicts online!   … Continue reading Dark Berry Lip Loveliness 

90s Nostaglia – Mac Whirl Lipstick 

I went to Spain recently with the intention of attending my brother's wedding. That was a massive undertaking for me & my family, what with my condition rendering me housebound most of the time. To cut a long story short, I was too ill to attend the wedding, after all the effort that went into… Continue reading 90s Nostaglia – Mac Whirl Lipstick 

NYX Matte Foundation Goodies

   I'm always on the look out for foundation type products that actually stay on my skin for any length of time. I have combination/oily skin with the t-zone from hell & considering that my delightful pain condition limits the time & energy I have to apply makeup (when I'm able to), I get very… Continue reading NYX Matte Foundation Goodies