February Glossybox 1st Impressions 

It's always a treat when my Glossybox arrives each month. Amongst the bills, medical letters and assorted crap that is delivered to our door, Glossybox is a little ray of beauty light.     The box design this month is adorable. I'm not remotely interested in Valentine's Day; I don't hate it, I'm just indifferent, always… Continue reading February Glossybox 1st Impressions¬†

December Glossybox: The Rose Gold Edit

To say that my December Glossybox arrived just as I was leaving for my Botox appointment makes my life sound soooo much more glamorous than it is. Nonetheless, it's true. I was off to my 3 monthly Botox treatment for Chronic Migraine and not looking forward to it at all, as usual; the 30+ injections… Continue reading December Glossybox: The Rose Gold Edit

November Glossybox: 1st Impressions

   It's that time of the month again when my Glossybox turns up at my door, bringing a little beauty themed joy to my day. If you're a regular reader of this blog or have watched any of my YouTube videos, you'll know that my life is currently dominated by chronic pain (Chronic Daily Migraine… Continue reading November Glossybox: 1st Impressions

Box Trials: Lip Monthly

I rarely receive fun mail these days. Living the Chronic Life means money is tight & medical appointments frequent. I'm stuck at home the majority of the time and hear the letter box rattle every day, dumping the latest round of bills & hospital letters through the door. So, recently I decided that I need… Continue reading Box Trials: Lip Monthly